What is PdbEditor?

PdbEditor is a Java/Swing application that can create, open, edit, and save Palm Database (PDB) files in a simple but powerful graphical environment. It includes the ability to create and modify the contents of individual database records.

Project Status

PdbEditor is currently in alpha stage, meaning that although most of the basic features work, it is not completely ready for end-users. If you would like to see if PdbEditor fulfills your needs, please feel free to download PdbEditor and see the progress we've made so far. (You may also want to download a sample PDB database to open and edit.)

PdbEditor has reached the stage where it currently has all the functionality that I needed when I wrote it—namely, to be able to open a database file (parsing it correctly), add any number of text records, and save the resulting PDB file to disk. I'm actively seeking feedback from users who would like to see particular functionality in PdbEditor so I can know what features, if any, they would like to see me spend my time on. Please, drop me a line: rosswerner [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net.

Current Features

Installation Instructions

Currently there's not much to install. Download the JAR file and run it. In OS X, simply double-click on the downloaded JAR. In Linux, assuming you have Java installed, you can run PdbEditor from the command line like this: java -jar PdbEditor.jar I'm not sure the easiest way to run JAR files under Windows—if I figure it out, I'll put instructions here.

User Documentation

Not yet in existence ...

PDB Format Information


If you need help with PdbEditor, feel free to post a message on the PdbEditor project forums.